Penny Vintage Dish

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Step back in time with our exquisite Penny Vintage Dish, a charming relic from decades past. Having been hand-dipped in a unique glaze that grants it an unparalleled patina. These vintage treasures stand as singular pieces, each telling its own story through the artistry of its glaze.

Originally designed for the storage of small trinkets and nuts, our Vintage Penny Dishes have transcended their original purpose to become the ideal small catch-all for any space.

Vintage Pottery Variations
Variations in colour and imperfections are part of the the natural, distressed finish that comes from vintage/salvaged pottery. All dimensions are estimated due to variations in each unique item.

Chips & grazing are a part of vintage pottery and add to their beauty & charm. 

Vintage Pottery Limitations
We do not recommend leaving pottery outside during winter months, as water/freezing may cause damage. We recommend using a vase inside if needed for fresh greenery. 

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