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Strand Length
24 inches

Ghana is known for its beautiful recycled glass beads. These green glass beads are made by a tribe of Africans known as the Krobo people. The beads are environmentally friendly, and are made with a special bead making process founded in Ghana. You will love these beads because they are:Environmentally friendly -- made from crushed bottlesMade by independent artisans in Ghana. Known to be "Fair Trade Beads"Go great in jewelry or worn as is. How these Recycled Glass Beads are Made by the African artisan will collect used cola and beer bottles, as well as other glass scrap, and crush it into a very fine powder. The powder is then heated, causing the glass particles to fuse together. The molten glass is then carefully poured into molds made of clay, and the bead's hole is made using a cassava leaf stem. The powder glass beads are then baked in an oven to perfection. This technique has been used by the Krobo people to make African beads for centuries

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