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For almost 30 years, La Compagnie de Provence has been forging close links with local producers in order to find high-quality ingredients that capture the essence of Provence in a bottle. Products are formulated with at least 95% naturally derived ingredients to provide the most natural formulas possible without compromising on sensorial qualities.

French triple-milled Marseille soap contains a subtle blend of olive oil from High Provence and Shea Butter. This unique combination of ingredients is moisturizing and rich - perfect for every skin type. It cleanses gently, and leaves skin delicately perfumed.


100 gram bar

White Musk Fragrance: a clasic musk fragrance
Olive Fragrance: the traditional French fragrance
Verbena Fragrance: a refreshing, lemongrass scent
Agrumes Fragrance :  A citrusy mixture of grapefruit and lemongrass

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