Cranberry, Cherry & Port Preserve

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Move Over, Ribbed Tins of Cranberry.

Elevate your gatherings and celebrate the season with Cranberry, Sour Cherry & Port Preserve. Stock up, this one won't be around in the Spring.

A Medley of Distinctive Tastes

The Cranberry, Sour Cherry & Port Preserve brings together sweet cranberries, tangy sour cherries, and the deep richness of Port wine. A hint of cinnamon gives this a great aroma and balance. It's a modern culinary spin on a classic traditional holiday condiment with a flavour profile like no other. 

Why You'll Love Cranberry, Sour Cherry & Port Preserve:

  • A beautiful combination of cranberries, sour cherries, and Port wine combined with a unique spice blend
  • Elevates gatherings, from a festive holiday gathering to a simple cheese plate
  • Limited Edition
  • Unique base for crafting holiday-inspired cocktails
  • Great condiment with roasted vegetables, poultry, and holiday meals
  • Perfect filling in Linzer or other stuffed cookies
  • Crafted with high-quality ingredients
  • Versatile and flavourful, a must-try for any foodie
  • A heartfelt and unique gift for the holiday season
  • All-natural, no artificial preservatives
  • Gluten-Free
An essential ingredient for any foodie's kitchen, hold space in the fridge door for this all season long. Say goodbye to the jiggly cranberry sauce that has that oh-so-appealing ribbed can look.

270 ml | Refrigerate after opening and enjoy within 90 days.
Cane sugar, cranberries, sour cherries, Port wine (sulphites, milk, eggs), orange juice, and spices.
  • Vegetarian (Port wine contains milk and eggs)

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